Heading with Checkbox

Similar to the Heading control, but shows a checkbox next to the title. When the checkbox is unchecked all other input controls inside the heading's box are hidden and will be sent to the insert update procedure as NULL.

Automatic control groups

Each Heading with checkbox control will create a visual border wrapping all other fields underneath it. This group is terminated if a control of type Heading, Separator, Heading with checkbox, or Heading (Collapsible) is encountered.

Start value:
Return value:
Supported in: NewEdit


alt text
In this example, "Car info" is the heading with checkbox, with three textboxes inside it.

alt text
By clearing the checkbox, the three textboxes are hidden from view and their content will not be sent to the server.

Default value

SQL Call: Default value

Retrieves the default value for the control.

May modify database: No

Resultset: Default value

Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: exactly one row
<column with ordinal 1> mandatory string
The default value


SQL Call: Validation

This call is only made if there is a field validation set for the field info and the field has any content.

Live Validation

Performs field validation when the user leaves the field or one of its dependencies is changed, initial values set by default value and initial values in edit-mode are not validated.

Save Validation

When saving the validation runs server side if the field value has changed. A field value is considered changed if in new mode the value is anything other than NULL. In edit mode it is considered changed if it has a value that was not returned by the GetEditFields procedure.

May modify database: No


@Value string
The value of the field, the procedure will not be called if value is NULL.

Resultset: Validation messages (optional)

Table count: repeated zero or one time
Row count: zero or one row
Error optional string
Error message to display. Blocks the user from saving.
Info optional string
Informative message to display. Does not block saving.
Warning optional string
Warning message to display. Does not block saving.