Release Notes

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Changed functionality
  • Node Graph
    If a node uses icon color, the color will now affect the whole node.
New functionality
  • Chart
    New link type "Chart link" that may be used by charts.
  • Chart
    The chart legend can now be displayed to the right of or below the diagram.
  • guides
    Four more controls now have guide support: Treeview, Textbox with autosuggest, Textbox with autosearch and Multi-autosearch.
  • Image Process
    It is now possible to crop an image.
  • InfoSQL
    InfoSQL now supports right aligned values.
  • InfoSQL
    New InfoSQL feature: Box tables. May be used to render a table with data in an info box.
  • Web Service Call
    Web Service Call now supports BeginExtraParams.
  • Web Service Call
    Web Service Call now has a "single mode" when only one call is required. The existing mode "meta data" has been renamed "Batch mode".
Bug fixes
  • Calendar
    Calendar would display its dates on the wrong weekday if the user was in a time zone that hade a time earlier than UTC.
  • Chart
    Pie charts would crash when no values were selected.
  • Chart
    The legend label of XY-charts could be partly hidden if it was too long.
  • Detailview
    The context menu would not fully be displayed if opened in a small grid in a fit to content tab.
  • Editable grid
    Some characters for example åäö and some special characters would not be displayed correctly in error and confirmation messages when editing a cell.
  • Grid
    Having invalid cell or row styles would sometimes cause the Excel export to crash.
  • Image Process
    Image Process would create white "ghost borders" at some sizes.
  • Link Cards
    Individual link cards would resize unintendedly if the whole page changed size.
  • Link List
    The link cards size setting dropdown would default to "Medium" even though the actual size was "Large".
  • Maintenance warnings
    Maintenance warnings would be unable to save when two different maintenance warnings had an extra text in the same language.
  • Map
    Map would be unable to sync if the changes involved creating new field information.
  • N/A
    "Enable browsing" could not be used with popups, if called from a grid in a detailview tab.
  • Radio Buttons
    The HTML column of radio buttons would not be interpreted as HTML.
  • Scheduled jobs
    "Remove old data" internal job crashes.
  • Validate parameters
    When ADMIN_Force was called from a validate parameters call on a parameter page the message box could not be closed.