Heading (Collapsible)

Similar to the Heading control, but shows an arrow next to the title. By toggling the arrow, all fields inside the heading will be shown or hidden. Unlike Heading with checkbox, the fields will still be validated and their values will be sent to the Insert Update procedure regardless of visibility.

Automatic control groups

Each Heading (Collapsible) control will create a visual border wrapping all other fields underneath it. This group is terminated if a control of type Heading, Separator, Heading with checkbox, or Heading (Collapsible) is encountered.

Start value:
Return value:
Supported in: NewEdit


alt text
In this example, "Car info" is the collapsible heading, with three textboxes inside it.

alt text
By clicking the heading, the three textboxes are hidden from view, although they still "exist" (their values will still be saved when the user clicks "Save", for example).

Default value

SQL Call: Default value (mandatory)

Retrieves the default value for the control.

May modify database: No

Resultset: Default value

Table count: repeated exactly once
Row count: exactly one row
<column with ordinal 1> mandatory string
The default value