New in Softadmin® 7.18.001

User features

QR code support in BankID in Web Snippets

You can now use BankID’s support for QR codes in Web Snippets. For example, when building a login page using the identify mode you do not need to ask the end user to first enter their personal identity number – their identity will instead be passed to the snippet procedure once they’ve scanned the QR code with the BankID app.

(See SoftadminSnippet.BankId_Identify and SoftadminSnippet.BankId_Sign for details.)

New control Heading (Collapsible)

Comparing the look of Heading with Checkbox and Heading (Collapsible)

The new Heading (Collapsible) control can be used to group controls that the user should be able to hide to manage complexity, but where the values of the hidden controls should still be used. This contrasts with the old Heading with Checkbox control: if the checkbox is unchecked then the hidden controls in the box should be ignored.

In older versions where only Heading with Checkbox existed developers had no choice other than to also use it where Heading (Collapsible) would be the correct choice. Now that Heading (Collapsible) has been introduced it is important that you examine an upgraded system’s usage of Heading with Checkbox to determine in each case if it should be a Heading (Collapsible) instead. (Read more)

Single-day planner

The Planner component has a new view option, Day, that restricts users to planning a single day at a time. You can use it when users are not expected to move appointments between days and when a single day contains so many tasks that the week or work week views become unusable.

Disable navigation in planner

You can now prevent the user from changing the date or view type in the Planner component. Use it together with the StartDate passingfield to build a planner intended to plan a specific date rather than a generic planning tool.

Developer features


When forwarding, for example from the NewEdit or Execute component, you can now use the ADMIN_ClearHistory column to prevent the forwarded menu item from having anything to step back to.

HTML support in radio buttons

The Html column allows you to style radio button labels.

Important changes to Heading with checkbox

When a Heading with Checkbox is unchecked all fields in the box underneath it will be hidden.

In earlier versions, if any of these hidden fields had field validation then it would be be submitted as a NULL value when the menu item was saved/submitted, regardless of the actual value in the field.

From this version forward, when a Heading with Checkbox is unchecked all fields in the box will be submitted as a NULL values. The only exception is fields of type Hidden which completely ignore any Heading with Checkbox and always submit their actual value.

It is important that you examine existing uses of Heading with Checkbox and decide if the new Heading (Collapsible) control, which does preserve control values when collapsed, should be used instead.

You should also ensure that uses of Heading with Checkbox have “checkbox”-sounding names, like “Invoice address is different from delivery address”, and that uses of Heading (Collapsible) have “heading”-sounding names, like “Advanced filters”.

Converting field information

Use the Field Information grid to search for fields using the Heading with Checkbox type.

Filtering field information on type

For each field, if you decide that it should be a Heading (Collapsible) instead then edit it and use the Field type dropdown.

Converting parameters

On parameter pages headings and parameters are different concepts, and Heading with Checkbox is a parameter, but Heading (Collapsible) is a heading. For this reason the upgrade will create a new Heading (Collapsible) for each Heading with Checkbox parameter, with the same title and the same sort order. You now need to delete one of these - either the new heading or the old parameter.

  1. Go to the Admin menu group.
  2. Open the Parameters menu item. Filter on Parameter type = Heading with Checkbox and search.
  3. For each parameter, use the row button Menu items using this parameter.
  4. Visit each of these menu items by clicking its name in the search results.
  5. Locate the Heading with Checkbox and Heading (Collapsible).

To delete a Heading (Collapsible)

  1. Right click on the heading.
  2. Use the top link Delete parameter Heading.

To delete a Heading with Checkbox parameter

  1. Click on the admin link Edit this menu item.
  2. Remove any references to the parameter from the menu item's SQL and InfoSQL.
  3. Once you have done this for every menu item that uses the parameter you can go back to the Parameters search result and use the Delete parameter row link.