New in Softadmin® 7.24.001

User interface changes

New list grid

The list grid, used on smallscreen mobile devices, has been redesigned. Row links will now be shown as buttons when the user expands a row.


An always-available close-button for popups

In a menu item popup the back-button will close the popup when it has no menu item to go back to. This works fine for workflows where users who open a popup can do what they need in the original popup menu item. If, on the other hand, the user follows links from this menu item then there was no way to close the popup without first going back to the first menu item in the popup and then clicking the back button there. We have added a separate button to close the popup.


New features

Mandatory parameters

You can now choose to make certain parameters on the parameter page mandatory in the same way that fields in a new edit page can be.


Custom row title in the list grid

By default the list grid uses the text from the first visible column as summary for that row. Unfortunately a single column is not always sufficient to identify a row and even when a single column is enough it may not be the first column.

You can now use the special columns Row_ListViewTitle, Row_ListViewText and Row_ListViewHtml to specify a custom row summary.

For example

	U.FirstNameLastName AS Row_ListViewTitle,
	T.JobTitle AS Row_ListViewText


New control: Checkbox tree

The checkbox tree is a new control that lets the user choose from tags arranged in a hierarchy. It is a less advanced sibling to the multipicker. As it can be hard to tell which checkboxes have been chosen in a tree with many options the control is better suited to parameter pages than input pages.


Developer features

ClearQueue in the Web Service Call component

The Web Service Call component operates by adding commands it receives from the procedure to a queue and executing them once by one. Each time it calls the procedure to report back the result of a command the procedure has the option to add more commands to the queue.

We have now also added the ability for the procedure to clear all existing commands in the queue, before optionally adding new ones.

New guides

This versions contains the foundation for the new guides. Currently the guides can only create stored procedures, not menu items or field information, and very few guides are available. Future versions will contain more guides and eventually add the ability to create menu items, links, parameters, and field information.


The guides have a public API and you can already write your own guides but the API is not stable yet: it will be reworked based on the feedback we receive, so any guide you write against the current API may need to be rewritten in the future.