New in Softadmin® 7.23.001

User interface changes

There is a new design for menu groups, and you can choose to feature one or more menu items in a subgroup. Use this to guide users towards menu items that are important or that are often used.


Tab view

The tab view has been redesigned.

There is no longer an extra border around the menu item in the tab, leaving more horizontal space for actual content and preventing the double-border effect that you would often get with the old design.

The tab titles are slightly more compact (in compact mode), meaning that more will fit on screen, but the tab row will no longer line break. If there are more tabs than can fit then the remaining will be hidden under the ...-button.


Date picker

The datetime and date controls have a redesigned picker.


The context menu

The context menu has been updated.

alt text


Tooltips are now bright text on a dark background.


New features

InfoSQL timeline

The timeline is an optional new InfoSQL feature that is shown above the info boxes. Where the Linear process component is intended to give a general overview over a process, the timeline feature is intended to show where in a process the currently detailed item is.

alt text

Formatted numbers in text boxes

You can now choose to insert thousand separators into numbers in text boxes. User input will be formatted once the user leaves the field.


This is enabled on a per-field basis and can only be used for fields where the data type is a number.

Planner, wider columns

You can now control how wide the columns in the planner items are, on a per menu item basis.


Planner, icons in items

You can display one or more system icons on planner items.


Developer features

The InfoSQL procedure can now make one of the links returned from the procedure the menu item's primary link. Use this when an entity has a very complicated status flow where you need to show the same links for different statuses, but still have a different link be primary for different steps.

You can use the attributes data-api-link and data-api-link-arg to easily create HTML elements that invoke a JavaScript link when clicked.

<div data-api-link="mylink" data-api-link-arg-first="abc" data-api-link-arg-second="def">...

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Notification groups

You can use notification group ids to dismiss notifications without having to store their individual notification ids.

You can

  • Dismiss all notifications in a group for all users.
  • Dismiss all notifications in a group for a given user.
  • Dismiss existing notifications in a group for a given user when enqueuing new notifications in the same group.

This is useful, for example, when you want a user to get a notification such as "You have 12 unread news articles." and later replace the notification with "You have 19 unread news articles". The user only needs the current count and the old notifications are no longer relevant or useful.

Progress bar support in web service call

You can now show a progress bar for long running web service call operations by including the columns ProgressText, ProgressTitle, ProgressStepsCompleted and ProgressStepsTotal in the Requests table.


Multi-control supports MaxLength

The Multi-control control now supports specifying a limit on how many characters are allowed in the textbox and textarea controls that it creates through the MaxLength column.

Standard system icons

We've added the generic system icons Sa-Circle and Sa-Square that you can use when the icon itself does not carry any meaning and all you want to do is add a splash of color.


    'Sa-Circle' AS Status_Icon,
    S.StatusColor AS Status_IconColor

Simplified use of Pivot grid component

Pivot grid now supports dividing display data into three resultsets:
Column data, row data and cell data.