New in Softadmin® 7.15.001

New features

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus offers a robust way of sending messages between decoupled applications.

In this versions we've added support for sending messages to and receiving messages from Azure Service Bus queues and topics.

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Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault offers a method for storing secrets (passwords, client secrets, ...) in a secure location outside of the system where they can be centrally administered by an Azure administrator.

The Cloud edition of Softadmin® already had support for Azure Key Vault by virtue of being an Azure App Service, but in this version we've also added support for reading secrets from Azure Key Vault to the Server edition of Softadmin®.

Read more about Azure Key Vault

Internal changes and development features

Published Web services no longer forced to use the same protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) in all instances

Originally, a published web service had to use either HTTP or HTTPS in all instances. Not all stage systems have a proper HTTPS certificate though, so from now a web service's protocol is derived from its URL system setting instead, so that you can use HTTP in stage and HTTPS in production.

Jobs can depend on multiple settings

A job can depend on the contents of system settings to determine if it should run. For example, the internal job Send push notifications depends on the setting NotificationsEnabled. Originally a job could only depend on a single setting, but in this version we've added support for multiple dependencies.