New in Softadmin® 7.37.0

UX changes

Error Message Revision

The message "The information you have entered is invalid. Correct it and try again.", has been replaced by the system's generic error message.

It was triggered by unhandled violations of check constraints, foreign key constraints, and not-null columns. The message provided no actionable solution, and only led to confusion.

New Features

Row Browsing Supports More Target Menu Items

The Grid's row links support a feature called row browsing. It allows the user to navigate to the next or previous row from the linked menu item, without first returning to the grid.

Row browsing was previously only supported when the target menu item use the Detailview or HTML View component, but is now also supported for Multipart and Grid.

New Icons

A few new icons have been made available.

Arrow-progress, Bulldozer, Cards-blank, Circle-euro, Cloud-binary, Court-sport, Dinosaur, Excavator, Eye-slash-solid, Eye-solid, Gear-code, Grill-hot, Laptop-binary, Lighthouse, Merge, Person-running-fast, Pickaxe, Raccoon, T-rex, Truck-fire, Wave, and Wreath-laurel


Developer Changes

New Session Variable: IsSoftadminApp

We've introduced a new session variable, IsSoftadminApp. Unlike IsSmallscreen and IsTablet, which identify the device, IsSoftadminApp indicates how the user is accessing the system,

Ability to Use More Generations in Graph

Batch components, like the Microsoft Graph component, often restrict how many times the stored procedure can emit new commands to prevent suspected infinite loops. However, when handling paged data in Microsoft Graph, each page returns a pointer to the next page, requiring a new generation of commands for each subsequent page.

The allowed number of generations can now be raised for a menu item.

New Entities in Export Bundles

Export bundles now support exporting system settings and table content.