New in Softadmin® 7.27.001

Design changes

Fewer drop shadows

There are fewer drop shadows in the design now.


The new page header is directly attached to the top of the browser window instead of living in its own pane and occupies less vertical screen space.


Menu dropdowns will now show their label inside the dropdown and the user dropdown has been given a label. If you currently have any menu dropdowns without a label in order to preserve screen space in the old design then you can now safely add a label.



The Multipart component has been redesigned to use rounded borders, and you can use the new HasBorder column to suppress borders for individual parts.


If you have used explicit pixel values for part sizes in an existing multipart then you may need to adjust them after upgrading.

The Link List component has been redesigned. It also supports two new columns: ItemIsUnread and ItemDate.


Mobile week calendar

The design for the mobile version of Calendar: Weekdays mode has been updated.


New UX features

We have added a new color for destructive links. Destructive actions are things like "Delete file", "Reject application", "Cancel meeting". By default all links to the Delete component are destructive and no links to other menu items but you can override this for each link.

Unlike primary links a menu item can have more than one destructive top link at the same time.

alt text

Row links can also be destructive.

alt text

UX changes

Info Box memory

InfoSQL will remember which boxes a user has opened and closed for each menu item. This memory is based on the box title and will not work for boxes with dynamic titles that change every time the menu item is opened.

Sticky row labels in pivot grid

The pivot grid's row labels will now remain visible when you scroll to the right.


The grid's toggle-checkbox has changed behavior in indeterminate state

In previous versions the grid's "toggle checkboxes on page"-button would, when in the indeterminate state, uncheck all currently checked checkboxes and check all currently unchecked. This was to match its behavior in the old grid design but did not match how users expected an indeterminate checkbox to behave.

From now on, clicking the checkbox when it is in its indeterminate state will uncheck all currently checked checkboxes but not check all currently unchecked.


Developer features

Using ADMIN_ForwardMenuItem to forward from a stored procedure leaves Softadmin® no metadata to know that you can get from menu item A to menu item B. This is both a problem for those users who try to use the built-in help, for developers who have a harder time understanding how the system is connected, and for the new export bundles that need to know which menu items to include in a hotfix.

The new link type forward link creates links between menu items that can then be referenced by the ADMIN_ForwardLink column anywhere the ADMIN_ForwardMenuItem column is supported.


GetMetadata in Image Process

The Image Process component can now get the size of an image with the getMetadata command. You can use this to verify that uploaded images have the correct dimensions for their intended use.