New in Softadmin® 7.36.0

New InfoSQL Features and Changes

Tabular Data in Info Boxes

Using the special columns BoxTableId and BoxTableIdReference, and the optional Row_Heading, you can now display tabular data in an info box.

alt text

		'Members' AS Title,
		'projectmembers' AS BoxTableIdReference;

		'projectmembers' AS BoxTableId,
	FROM ...

Optional Right-aligned Values

You can now right-align values in InfoSQL. The alignment is configured through field information.

Info Box of web site statistics with right-aligned values

For the best-looking results:

  • Only use right-aligned values with a label to the left, not a label above or no label.
  • Do not put a left-aligned value in between two right-aligned values.

The JSON-based charts now allow you to add drilldown links.

For line and bar diagrams, you can link from either series or individual data points. For pie diagrams, you can link from individual slices.


	'details' AS linkAlias,
	F.IceCreamFlavor AS [label],
			X.IntervalId AS xValue,
			SUM(S.SalesAmount) AS yValue,
				'IntervalId': X.IntervalId,
				'IceCreamFlavorId': S.IceCreamFlavorId
			) AS passingfields
		FROM ...

Control the Position of a Chart's Legend.

Use the new attribute legendPosition to control the position of a chart's legend, either to the right or below the chart.

Timeline Positioning

You can now choose to display a menu item's timeline either above or below the info boxes. Previously, it was always at the top. If the timeline is more closely related to the component than the info boxes, it may be clearer to place it below the boxes, closer to the component.

Compact Timeline for Mobile

The timeline has been redesigned for better compactness on small-screen devices. The difference is most noticeable for timelines lacking labeled steps, as depicted below:


New UX Features

Colors in Node Graph

When you set a color for a node's icon using IconColor, the color will tint the entire box. Alternatively, you can directly color the box using the new NodeColor column, which will tint the icon with the node's color.

Node graph with four nodes, with an without icon, and with and without color

New System Logotype: Mobile Header

We have added support for a new, optional kind of logotype: the mobile header. When used, the navigation banner changes from blue to white, and the new logo is displayed above it.


Omit the Menu Group List When a User has no Menu Groups

This feature is primarily intended for mobile users, though it also affects the desktop version of Softadmin. It is activated when the system setting OmitMenuGroupListWhenEmpty is enabled, and a given user does not have any visible menu groups.

On mobile, the button to open the menu is omitted completely.


On desktop, the menu is minimized,


The user still needs permissions to at least one menu group, even though it is hidden from the list, and the feature would normally be used together with configuring a start menu group for the user's role.

New Features

Web Service Call: Single Mode

The Web Service Call component was primarily designed to be used as a background job. It can still be used as a normal menu item, but doing so can be inconvenient.

The new single mode exists for when you want to make a single call, and allows you to forward directly from the Store Response/Store Error calls.

Web Service Call: BeginExtraParams

Some batch components, like File Manager and Microsoft Graph, allow the procedure to pair a command with extra parameters that should be returned to the procedure together with its result. Now, the Web Service Call component also has this support. This saves you from having to "smuggle" multiple parameters in the RequestId value.

IF @Action = 'GetRequests'
	WITH PhotoSizes AS
			'thumbnail' AS PhotoSize
			'fullsize' AS PhotoSize
		ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY UserId, PhotoSize) AS RequestId,
		'GetUserPhoto' AS Method,
		NULL AS BeginExtraParams,
		SoftadminApi.[User] U
		CROSS JOIN PhotoSizes P;


New Crop Command for the Image Process Component

Previously the Image Process component could only resize whole images, but it can now cut out parts of an image as well, with the crop command.

Since this command requires pixel coordinates to know which part of a picture to extract, it is most useful when combined with for example AI-powered face detection.

Beta Version of Raw Web Service Publishing

This version introduces an early beta version of the new Raw mode for published web services, implemented in .NET 8. You write your own Swagger file for the web service, and a stored procedure that handles raw input and output for each method. There is also support for having multiple versions of a web service.

Over time, the current metadata-based web service publishing will be migrated from .NET 4 to .NET 8 as well.

Developer Features

Schema Support in Export Bundles

Previously, schemas were only indirectly supported, as you had to add your own CREATE SCHEMA scripts to an export bundle.

Now, while you still need to add schemas manually, you no longer need to write the scripts yourself.


If there is an error in a JavaScript (visibility, enabled, mandatory, or a button script), and you are an administrator, then the alert will have a button to take you directly to Edit field/Edit parameter.

alt text

Log Summary

The new Admin menu item Log summary shows how large Softadmin®'s own logs and temporary tables are, and explains how long they are retained before cleanup.