New in Softadmin® 7.35.0

New UX Features

New File Control

The File control now mirrors the behavior of File Upload Area, initiating file uploads upon drop.

The File control can no longer accept multiple files: all existing field info for File controls with the setting Allow multiple files has been switched to File Upload Area controls.

For displaying existing files in the File control, use SoftadminApi.FileControl_CreateExistingFileToken.

From top to bottom: compact File control, full size File control, File Upload Area.

From top to bottom: compact File control, full size File control, File Upload Area.

Editor for Static PDF Templates

When using PDF Document: Static PDF mode you must specify coordinates for text and images. However, without a visual aid, setting these coordinates can be challenging.

The new PDF Template Editor component provides users with a visual representation of their PDF document, with a list of placeholders that can be inserted. Users can also choose font and font size.

PDF editor with placeholders for text on top of an existing PDF

The database table SoftadminApi.PdfFont can be used to store font files, but you will need to create your own tables for all other template-related data.

Option Groups in Dropdowns and Listboxes

The Dropdown, Listbox, and Multi-listbox controls have been upgraded to include support for option groups, allowing for the grouping of options. Option groups are top-level only and cannot be nested into a hierarchy.

Their exact appearance will vary between web browsers.

Dropdown displaying components grouped under Common and All groups

Support for Smaller Popups

You can now configure how large menu items will be when shown in a popup.

There is the default Large, which is the only popup size that existed before.

Medium: Ideal for displaying a small edit page or a few info boxes. If using links, ensure linked menu items are also designed to fit within the popup. If a Medium popup opens another popup, it's recommended that the nested one is Small.

Small: Reserved for presenting a single info box or a compact edit page. Avoid using links or opening new popups in Small popups.

Shown below is a Small popup on top of a Medium popup.

A small popup on top of a medium popup

Shift Click to Select Multiple Checkboxes in Grid

Select multiple checkboxes by clicking a row checkbox and holding down the Shift key while clicking another checkbox. This action will check or uncheck all checkboxes within that range.

Accessibility Title in Grid

Previously, the grid component lacked a concise way to identify a row, as all columns hold equal importance. This posed challenges for screen readers. For example, when a grid used checkboxes, all the screen reader could say was "This will check row five".

To address this, we've implemented two enhancements for better accessibility. Firstly, for grids utilizing the Row_ListViewTitle column to enhance mobile support, the list view title will now automatically provide a description to screen readers.

Secondly, we've introduced the Row_AccessibilityTitle column, allowing you to explicitly describe a row for screen readers when needed.

First Name Last Name Company Name Email Phone Number Job Title Row_ListViewTitle Row_ListViewText Row_AccessibilityTitle
John Doe Tech Solutions (555) 123-4567 Senior Developer John Doe Tech Solutions John Doe, Senior Developer at Tech Solutions

Link List: Link cards mode now comes in Large and Medium size, configured on the menu item.

Large and medium link cards

Planner Half- and Full-Year Views

In the week view of Planner: Without time scale mode, two additional options are introduced: Half-year and Year.

By default, planners provide Month and Quarter week views. The new, extremely wide options need to be explicitly enabled for the menu item.

Limited Support for Right-to-Left Scripts

Enhancements have been made to support right-to-left scripts in InfoSQL, Textbox, and Textarea controls. Now, you can set the writing direction to right-to-left, catering to languages like Arabic or Hebrew for a more accurate display.

Softadmin® is not equipped for building entire systems in Arabic or other right-to-left scripts. However, it allows the display of small right-to-left text sections within a predominantly left-to-right system.

Writing direction should not be confused with text alignment. While the current update focuses on writing direction, future versions will include support for right-aligning values in InfoSQL.

Example: English text left-to-right and its translation into Arabic right-to-left

UX Changes

Now, when a search yields results from multiple entities, users can narrow down their results by filtering them based on the entity.

If the searched-for string appears in the column values, it will be highlighted.

Enterprise search highlighting the term "August Strindberg"

In cases where the search returns no results, users will receive a clear notification instead of encountering an empty page.

Enterprise search displaying no results

Redesigned Error View

The error page has been updated with a noticeable Back button. On the left, you see how it appears to end users, and on the right, its presentation to administrators.

Error page for users and administrators

Maintenance Warnings

Maintenance Warnings Block Single Sign-on

Building upon the maintenance warnings introduced in 7.34, the current release not only blocks username/password sign-ins during maintenance but also extends this restriction to Single Sign-on.


Forcibly Sign Out Users During Maintenance

You can now configure maintenance warnings to forcibly sign out all non-administrator users once maintenance starts.

Developer Features


Components that supported the ADMIN_ClosePopup column, like NewEdit and Execute, now also support the ADMIN_ClosePopupAndReloadOpener column.

Use this feature when the popup is employed to edit the entity displayed in the menu item underneath the popup. For instance, if you have a detail view showcasing a person card, with a box link that opens a popup for editing phone numbers, it's advisable to reload the entire detail view after making edits.