New in Softadmin® 7.28.001

Design changes

Calendar with weekdays

We have redesigned both the desktop version:


and the mobile version:


New design for search criteria

The design for search parameters shown above the search results has been updated.

alt text

UX changes

Skip to content

We have added quick links to the page content, the top links, and the menu to aid users who navigate using the keyboard instead of the mouse. The links will appear when you use the tab key to navigate.

The skip to content navigation aid

New UX features

KPI in InfoSQL

The special column KPI in InfoSQL can be used to display KPI values in a visually pleasing maner. The function SoftadminApi.Kpi_ComputeTrend helps you figure out if the trend is rising or decreasing, and by how much.

Various KPI examples

New file upload area

The new File upload area control allows users to drag and drop files from different directories, unlike the native file input used by the File control where all files must come from the same directory. It also starts uploading files immediately (to a temporary table) instead of waiting until the user clicks the Save button.


A future release will add support for pre-populating the upload area with files already in the database, but for now it works like the old file control and always starts empty, even when NewEdit is in edit mode.

New Warning level for field validation

You can now use the warning level for field validation to warn about issues that are not strictly errors but are more serious than just informational.


New features

Support for many SAML Identity Providers

The system settings SingleSignOnSamlMetadataUrl and SingleSignOnSamlSecondaryMetadataUrl have been replaced with the table SoftadminApi.SamlIdentityProvider and a system can now have an arbitrary number of secondary identity providers.

The settings SingleSignOnSamlNameIdFormat, SingleSignOnSamlForceAuthn, and SingleSignOnSamlAllowUnsolicitedResponses have also been removed and can now be configured separately for each provider.


Support for signing SAML Authn requests

We have added support for signed login requests to support integration with Identity Providers that demand it.

Developer features

Edit control SQL from the developer context menu

Ctrl-right click a field's or parameter's label to bring up the developer context menu, from which you can open the control procedure or default value procedure without having to leave the input page.


Export bundle support for copying between systems

The existing hotfix functionality of Export bundles has been complemented with copy functionality to move menu items between different systems, instead of just different instances of systems.