SoftadminApi.PdfFont is a database table designed to store font files, that can be used by the PDF Template Editor component and PDF Document: Static PDF mode. It must contain TrueType fonts, as PDF documents can not embed OpenType fonts.

You can administer the table from the PDF Fonts menu item in the Customization subgroup in the Admin menu group. Or you can create custom administration menu items accessible to end-users.

This table is provided for convenience. As the PDF components get font files from their stored procedure and don't retrieve them directly, you have the flexibility to store fonts in any table of your choice.

Add row: Allowed
Delete row: Allowed
Foreign key: Allowed


Name Datatype Read Write Primary key Description
PdfFontId uniqueidentifier Yes No Yes
PdfFontName varchar(300) Yes Yes No A name to identify the font.
PdfFontData varbinary(max) Yes Yes No Binary data of the font.