Log of login attempts, both successful and unsuccessful.

Retention is controlled by the system setting LoginLogDaysKept.

Add row: Not allowed
Delete row: Not allowed
Foreign key: Not allowed


Name Datatype Read Write Primary key Description
LoginLogId int No No Yes Primary key.
LogDatetime datetime Yes No No Time of the login attempt.
LoginResultId tinyint Yes No No Result of the login attempt.
LoginResult int Yes No No Description of LoginResultId.
IsSuccessfulLogin bit No No No Whether the result represents a successful login or not. A failed login is anything that prevents the user from logging in, from an invalid password to an internal error.
LogMessage varchar(1000) Yes No No May provide additional details for a failed login.
UserId int Yes No No ID of user that logged in. May contain Id values of users that since have been deleted from SoftadminApi.User.
Username varchar(300) Yes No No Name of the user. Either the name entered in the username field or the user's account in the domain.

You should only use this column for debugging and never make any assumptions about its contents.
IpAddress varchar(40) Yes No No The client's IP address. Can be on any format but will in practice either be IPv4 or IPv6.
UserAgent varchar(1000) Yes No No User agent of client's browser.
Https bit Yes No No If the client was using HTTPS.