Used to open a popup window from a button in a NewEdit menu item. A passing field IsPopup will be available for menu items opened in a popup.

menuitemPopup should not be called from a field in a multirow.

menuitemPopup may be able to assign values to fields with special characters, like /, in their field name.

See also Api.setFieldValueFromPopup.


menuItemPopup(menuItem, inputName)
menuItemPopup(menuItem, inputName, passingfields)


Open a popup that can save values to the current field.


Open a popup that can save values to the current field.

menuItemPopup('Offices.CityMap', $self, 'CityId={CityId}')

Open a polpup that can save values to another field.

menuItemPopup('Example.UpdateOtherField', 'OtherField', 'First={OtherField}&Second={$self}')


menuItem : String

Alias (or ID value, but using ID values is deprecateed) of the menu item to open. The menu item must either be a menu item with a visible user interface (like grid or newedit) or forward to another menu item with a visible user interface.

inputName : String

Name of the control to set the value for. You can use $self to refer to the field calling the popup without having to hard code its name. If this parameter is omitted then it defaults to $self.

PassingFields : String

PassingFields are defined on the form 'passingfieldName=passingfieldValue'

The passingfield value can be a hardcoded value, a reference to another fields value {OtherField} or a reference to the value of the field that has the button {$self}.